Heather & Tracer | Engagement Preview

Photo by Marc F. Henning Heather Martin and Tracer Moore's engagment session on May 4, 2014, at Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista, Ark. (MARC F. HENNING/MARC F. HENNING PHOTOGRAPHY)

A favorite from Heather Martin and Tracer Moore’s engagement session on May 4 in Bella Vista, Ark. Their session was shot at several locations along Tanyard Creek, Lake Windsor and Lake Avalon. This particular photo was near the end of the shoot and I had just finished taking meter readings and test shots of Heather and Tracer on the fishing dock when a great blue heron took flight to the left of my periphery. There was little time to react and thankfully Heather and Tracer were still holding their pose from the test photos and my focus was still set. I got off three frames, which was all I needed. The photo was about as perfect as I could hope for given the circumstances. I later found out from Heather that her mother loves herons and she would be absolutely thrilled with the photo. It’s the serendipitous moments like this are that makes being a photographer so rewarding.

Heather and Tracer will be married on June 14 in Rogers. Check back soon for more photos from their engagement session.

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