“Wiener Takes All” Dachshund Races

The Bella Vista Animal Shelter held its fourth-annual “Wiener Takes All” Dachshund Races over the weekend in Bella Vista. I’ve managed to miss out on shooting this event over the past three years due to my fall football schedule. This time around the races fell during Arkansas’ bye weekend. Oh man, this was just the assignment I needed to take away the blues of a bye week. I had a blast. How could you not come away from an event like this without some fun, comical images? The only downside to it was having to find the owners of the dogs once their race was over. There were more than 70 entrants running in 11 races and a crowd of at least 300 people spectating the event. When a race was over, the dogs that didn’t place were scooped up by their owners and disappeared into the crowd. A real headache for having to gets names and other cutline info. But, I do hope the races fall on the Razorbacks’ bye week next year. I’d love to shoot this one again.